what do you think are some important things in a relationship?

I think the most important thing is the capability to be yourself. Being able to be silly, make jokes, laugh, be totally corny, and they’ll love it and laugh with you and think your weird habits are adorable. The ability to cry and be sad and look and feel horrible and they’ll still find you the most precious person in the world. It’s everything in between too, sitting in silence and enjoying it, everything. xo

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For too damn long, I’ve apologized to the men I’ve loved, for not being THAT pretty. For not being THAT skinny. For not being THIS, for not being THAT. I’ve said, “I’m sorry I’m not good enough.” Since the age of thirteen, like I say my name, it’s become the default of the question, “who are you?” I am so tired of beating myself up, tearing myself down. My body is not a goddamn temple, it’s the house I grew up in, and I don’t know why I keep trying to burn it down.
i.c. // "Fire vs. Fire" (via delicatepoetry)
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You will not be the same person anymore, you’ll leave them behind, along with everyone else. You’ll become your books, your favorite coffee, the music you listen to, the poetry you write. You’ll be the art you make, the person you love, the mask you wear. You’ll be the fake smile, the real cries. You will be dropped, and broken, you will pick up the pieces on your own and see that no one else will be their to sweep them up. You’ll open the door for them to enter your life, and shut it on their way out. You will be pushed and pulled, you will feel yourself ripping from the seams. You will feel more when things are going wrong, and forget what happiness really is when things are going right. You will find that when they leave, they’re gone. Not everything deserves a second chance, because first impressions can mean everything. You’ll teach yourself right even if it’s someone else’s wrong. You’ll learn that happiness is different for everyone, and so is life.
i.c. // An excerpt from growing up (via delicatepoetry)
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He expected me to light up his midnight,
he expected me to hold onto him with buttery
fingertips and broken wrists. He expected me
to stare at the sky and rip out every star I’ve
wished on. He expected me to love him, but
god, love? How can I love? I can’t even love
this body I’m in, I can’t love the soul that’s
scratching against my bones, begging me to
break. I can’t love my father who’s crushed my
trust by drinking out of his beer bottle, I can’t
love my mother who put out cigarettes on my
finger paintings. I can’t love the boy I call a
brother after he mocked me with red markers
against wrists. I can’t love the sister I’ve never
had, the friends I’ve never met. The word love
to me was just a word, and isn’t it suppose
to be a feeling?
i.c. // "I can’t love,
I don’t know love.” (via delicatepoetry)
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And she asked him, “do you still think of her
in the middle of the night?” A mouth full of
questions, a mind full of wandering. She
wanted to know the truth, she wanted to feel
some kind of shot go through her heart. The
arrow she hasn’t felt puncture her skin,
in forever.

“No.” He replied, not a piece of him winced at
the question. He didn’t have anything but
honesty in his eyes, seriousness in her voice.
Just a plain, no.

Yet, a part of her couldn’t believe that, she
just couldn’t. She wasn’t sure if it was the
devil in her mind draping sadness over her
ears, causing her to hear “yes” instead of “no.”
She wasn’t sure if it was because he was a good
liar, or if it was just because he was too perfect.
Too honest, too amazing. He was some kind
of perfect.

She would try to sit there and pick out some
kind of flaw in him, anything. She was so use
to being broken, so use to being let down, she
couldn’t get quite comfortable on the pedestal
he sat her on.

i.c. // "Unheard Words, Unfelt Feelings" (via delicatepoetry)
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I just want to be a princess and be treated like on by my Prince Charming I know that's pathetic but still

Hey, you don’t need a prince to be a princess. All you gotta do is think highly of yourself and give yourself the love and respect you deserve. xo

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Have a great day :)

You have a beautiful day yourself. xo

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Will your book be available in barnes and noble?

Nope it will only be available online. I had the option of that, but it costs too much money haha. xo

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your writing makes me feel like im not alone. I love you

This makes me so happy. You’re never alone lovely. xo

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