One hand on the blade,
the other on the pen.
This time I am not really
sure who will win.

I’ve written out
my demons to the point
where I can’t
believe they’re not dry.
I think it’s because they’re
born again every time I cry.

i.c. // “The same old battle”
This morning after I woke, I laid in bed and stared
at the ceiling for about thirty minutes, trying to
convince myself there was a reason to get up.
It was a fight, just to get my body to move,
because when my mind is going back and forth,
good vs bad, it almost paralyzes me. It’s like,
my whole body becomes numb and immune to
everything around me while inside my head there
is a war, a battle that I may never win. So I lay there,
almost lifeless as a dead body, “I have to get up.”
My body said yes, but my mind said no, slowly as
I could I got my feet on the floor but stared at the
wall some more. It took everything in me not to flop
back onto the pillow, only because the little voice
in my head was saying,
“there’s no use, why get up? This day is a waste,
your life is a waste.”
For a moment there, I almost let myself become
weightless and fall back into bed. Yet I knew
that’s what the demons wanted that haunt my head.
i.c. // accomplishments come in all sizes
(sometimes it’s just getting up in the
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What inspires you to write? If you didn't have struggles in the past do you think you would write as much?

Everyone and everything, sometimes it’s nothing but a simple thought that pops into my head. & I do think I would still write, because even though I write about my struggles, a lot of my writing comes from my creative thinking. xo

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Just wanted to say you're so freaking gorgoues! And I hope that tomorrow is a great day for you! And I absolutely love you're poetry! :)

Aww thanks so much, this is too sweet! xo

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you're really pretty and i love your writing :)

Thanks love. ❤️

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Is it bad cuz I dumped my boyfriend because he was getting too fat, he is very nice to me, loves me a lot and he has a really cute face its just he is too fat now and people make fun of us cuz im skinny and he is fat. please help. :(

If I may quote JK Rowling here,
"I mean, is ‘fat’ really the worst thing a human being can be? Is ‘fat’ worse than ‘vindictive’, ‘jealous’, ‘shallow’, ‘vain’, ‘boring’ or ‘cruel’? Not to me."

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This may be kind of a rude question, I'm sorry but I'm jus curious^^; what is your sexuality?

Haha it’s okay I’m straight, I have a lovely boyfriend! :)

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i finally told my boyfriend about my eating disorder and now he said that im disgusting and he never wants to talk to me again.. what should i do?

What the fuck.. he’s obviously a piece of shit so you shouldn’t care what he says, he isn’t worthy of being your boyfriend! Yes of course you’re hurt but god, why even waste a second feeling sad about him? You need to focus on yourself and get healthy, be strong, and learn to love yourself. Don’t invest time into something that won’t go anywhere and it’s proof he isn’t going to stay around. Maybe a good thing came out of this, you don’t need to lose anymore weight because you lost about 100 something pounds right there. Please please get help and stay strong beautiful!

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i. She’s a mere whisper away, even through the darkest of nights, bleak and thin. A whisper in which I can hear her soft exhale under the very warmth of her voice. She sighs, I sigh.
“What’re you thinking about?”
Even when she’s over a three-thousand kilometers away, she’s here, with me, right now. It’s magic, really. There isn’t any other way of explaining it. A love like this isn’t something that can be explained through words, phrases or even thoughts – but through actions.
“Why are you so perfect?”
It’s the type of love you’d die for, yet it’s the one you never saw coming.
“I’m not. You are.”
But at the same time, it’s the one you know you deserved all along.
“I love you.”
“I love you more.”
ii. In the black, empty, room I lay in, my arms crave nothing but to be gently wrapped around his body. While lost in my thoughts, I finally break the silence.
“Do you love me?”
“Yes, of course.”
I need to hear the sweetness of his voice to feel okay, and sometimes I don’t know if it’s good or bad that the only thing I’m scared of in this world is losing him.
“I need you, here.”
They say you can’t make homes out of people, especially people miles away, yet when he let me into his heart, I never left. I rearranged the furniture, planted seeds in the cracks and made blossoms bloom in the dullest places. I stitched together the broken seams.
“I need you here, too.”
In him I found love. A love that is unlike any other, a love people like me and him searched for all our existence. We finally found it. We will never lose it.
i.c. & m.b. // “she and he”
a collaboration
(via delicatepoetry)
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“Baby,” she says in the softest voice her chest
could find, “please, don’t ever go.” She feels
pathetic in the way she speaks, only he could
make her feel so small, so tiny, so inferior. He’s
the only one that can make her feel so strong yet
so damn weak at the same time, he pushes her
and pulls her, he stitches her seams together so
only his hands have the power to tear them apart.
Sometimes she feels like half a soul when he’s away,
that’s why she always begs for him to stay, please
stay. She doesn’t mind sleeping in the palm of his
hands, she doesn’t mind as long as he never lets
go because then she will wake up to a nightmare.
A life without him isn’t a life she would want to
live, the truth to be told. So she will whisper in his
ear, with a sweet voice and petal soft lips, gently
tickling his skin, as a reminder to not let these
moments go. Don’t let her go, don’t let me go, baby.
i.c. // i’m tied on your string,
don’t cut me loose (via delicatepoetry)
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