Does your boyfriend have a tumblr?

Yes, he’s tumblr is the question I just answered below. Haha. :)

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Hi, you're perfect, and I just wanted to say hi. And oh yeah, hi.

Hi, handsome. I just wanted to say I love you, and hi. ❤️

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Will the poems you've been posting be included in your book?

Hm, maybe like a few of my favorites. But basically 90% of them are new. :)

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I don't have a question, but I want to say I love your writing. I lied I guess, how do you find the courage to post what you write and not be afraid of what others think of your writing?

Thank you! & I honestly worked up the courage over months and months of being unsure about my writing. Then one day I seriously was like, fuck it, writing is my passion and I want it out there so I did. Yes, I still get hate every now and then, only because people feel the need to be ignorant assholes. Yet I am slowly learning not to care what others say about my writing. Because as long as you’re writing from your heart people need to understand, not judge.

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Is it your first book or ....? Available in hard copy?

Yeah it’s my first book, and yes maybe after awhile but since I’m self publishing hard cover costs a lot so later on it will be hard copy! ❤️

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Hi I just wanted to tell you that your writing is beautiful and I sit everyday for hours just reading all of it. Your amazing and such a beautiful person. :)

Aw thank you soo much beautiful. xo

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Omg what's your book about? Sorry if it's in your FAQ I'm on mobile and can't see links

It’s going to be filled with new, and improved, poetry pieces. Three chapters on life, love, and loss. xo

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i. She’s a mere whisper away, even through the darkest of nights, bleak and thin. A whisper in which I can hear her soft exhale under the very warmth of her voice. She sighs, I sigh.
“What’re you thinking about?”
Even when she’s over a three-thousand kilometers away, she’s here, with me, right now. It’s magic, really. There isn’t any other way of explaining it. A love like this isn’t something that can be explained through words, phrases or even thoughts – but through actions.
“Why are you so perfect?”
It’s the type of love you’d die for, yet it’s the one you never saw coming.
“I’m not. You are.”
But at the same time, it’s the one you know you deserved all along.
“I love you.”
“I love you more.”
ii. In the black, empty, room I lay in, my arms crave nothing but to be gently wrapped around his body. While lost in my thoughts, I finally break the silence.
“Do you love me?”
“Yes, of course.”
I need to hear the sweetness of his voice to feel okay, and sometimes I don’t know if it’s good or bad that the only thing I’m scared of in this world is losing him.
“I need you, here.”
They say you can’t make homes out of people, especially people miles away, yet when he let me into his heart, I never left. I rearranged the furniture, planted seeds in the cracks and made blossoms bloom in the dullest places. I stitched together the broken seams.
“I need you here, too.”
In him I found love. A love that is unlike any other, a love people like me and him searched for all our existence. We finally found it. We will never lose it.
i.c. & m.b. // “she and he”
a collaboration
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Yeah, so I’m over half way done writing my book. I’m just REALLY proud of what I have written so far, each piece has my whole heart in it. 

I just can’t wait for you all to read it, honestly, knowing that it’s finished and able to purchase will lift a world of stress off my shoulders. I’m working so hard to make this perfect for you all, there’s hopefully a lot of pieces you ALL can relate to. 

I’m just really really excited to finish this for you guys.. Hopefully in a month or less, it will be completed, lets keep our fingers crossed. :)

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I am sometimes afraid that maybe, you have fallen
for the idea of me, the thought that lingers in your
mind at 1 AM. I don’t know why, I guess it’s just a fear.
There’s been so many people that have peeled off
my first layer, and ran away because they couldn’t
handle it. Deep down inside I am a dark person, a
person whose flowers never bloom, and always
stay dead, even in spring. I know that you tell me,
you love the way I nuzzle into your neck, and how
I wear red lipstick too much, and when I laugh it’s
genuine. You tell me that you love how I am a light
in your life, and I can’t help but almost shiver when
I think of it. I am not a light, there is no light inside me,
I am nothing but dull and doomed. I just fear that
when you slowly knock down my walls, you will see
the real me. I am not amazing, or perfect, I am sad
deep down inside. I am rotting from the inside out
and my heart is nothing but scarred, and the first
time I have ever felt okay is when I found you.
When I found you there was some hope in me that
you’d be the sun to shine into my soul, to plant
seeds, and water them with love, then I’d grow,
you’d grow. I am just so damn scared, that you
will be scared. I know I am rough around the
edges, and sometimes I cut you, and it’s deep
and it hurts. But I do love you, despite this fear,
despite the chance of you leaving, I love you.
Just please, love me, the real me. Don’t run away,
because even though there are times I think
about leaving, it’s only to save you, but I won’t
leave. I promise, as long as you promise.
i.c. // there is a fear, a fear that you won’t love the real me. mostly because I don’t love the real me.