I sigh, wishing to feel beautiful, be beautiful.

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Miguel is so cute and nice just like you!! make babies already! So the world can be filled with cuteness and sweetness hehe n.n kbye

Aw I know he’s the cutest and sweetest just like you for sending this! Thanks lovely. :)

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Hi everybody! This is Isabel's boyfriend, Miguel. Just stopping by to say thank-you to everyone for showing so much support to Isabel and her writing (hopefully she publishes this!!). The response she's gotten on her work the past few months has incredibly overwhelming and rewarding, and every single person who follows her blog is very appreciated. I'm very happy for her, and I know with all you great people supporting her, she'll continue to do her thing and never look back.

Aw you’re a sweetie. ❤️

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I think its so amazing because my older brother plays the guitar and writes music for it and his girlfriend is an amazing singer and writes for and plays the piano. My older sister and I are always writing poetry and songs. Its just the greatest coincidence don't you think?

Wow that’s pretty awesome. You all have talents that you can combine. That is the greatest coincidence!

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I know deep inside, I am not the child my parents wanted. I can tell by the way they look into my eyes, because theirs glaze over, and by the way they don’t take anything I say too seriously. I can tell by the way they ask me about my future, and when I say, “I’m not sure but,” they lose interest in knowing. I can tell when they read the newspaper and see all the successful honor students at my school, they sigh, because my name isn’t printed in ink on the list. I feel like when I talk, they don’t really listen, because if they did, they would read between the lines and realize I wanted to kill myself a hundred times. I feel like when I’m upset I can no longer show emotion, because my mother has called me lazy too many times, and my dad has shook his head once too many. I feel like when I’m sitting on the couch when I get home from school, they are disgusted because I should be “doing something more productive.” So I don’t even feel like being comfortable in my own home anymore. I feel like I have to hide away in my room, because when I’m around them we don’t talk much anyways. I feel like I’m just another tab on their bill, especially when all they talk about is how they’re low on money and make it feel like it’s my fault. It’s just, I think they wanted someone more, someone better. I think they wanted a smart kid, with a great passion for life, who is nothing but happy, busy, talented, outgoing. They wanted someone who would for sure succeed more than they did in life, someone who could assure them assistance in their older years. But they got me, the kid who’s shy, the one who gets okay grades, the kid that doesn’t have many friends, the kid who’s sad most the time, the kid who has secretly attempted suicide. The kid who’s just another kid, not the kid who’s nothing like me. I’m sorry.
i.c. // “A Hidden Apology to My Parents”  (via delicatepoetry)
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It’s so heartbreaking when you’re talking to someone and they act like everything is fine but then you can just hear it in their voice and see it in their eyes that they are extremely sad

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I sigh, wishing to feel beautiful, be beautiful.

Hola. You're beautiful and I hope you had a great day full of rainbows and butterflies. 💕

Aw, hi. Thanks so much beautiful. This means a lot. ❤️

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What font on word??

If you’re asking what I use it’s Georgia.

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Hey, I just wanted to tell you that your writings really reach out to me. Reading some of what relates to me makes me really happy that someone can put what I feel into words. I am really glad to have found your blog, and please keep up the good work.

Aw this makes me happy, thanks lovely. ❤️

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