You asked me to be yours on a fall
evening as we laid in separate beds.
Even though we were apart, we
couldn’t get the other out of our heads.
With no hesitation I said yes, never with
a second guess.

Two. Three.
The packages we sent wrapped in
love and laced with the scent of our
smell, the first time I held something
of yours my tears had fell.

Four. Five.
I have found myself staring at the
map, point A to point where you’d
be. Goddamn these miles keeping
you from me.

Six. Seven.
Why is the craving of your skin
against mine the only thing that
causes pain and pleasure? No
one understands that the simple
touch is a treasure.

Eight. Nine.
The late nights of I love you. I love
you more. The thought still haunts
me, I’ve never felt this way before.

I say, “I know I am a handful, I know
I am a complete mess.”
He says,“That doesn’t make me love you
any less.”

I could cry, not because you’re gone
but because you’re still here. Everyone
else in the past just seemed to disappear.
I have realized that all the loves I’ve laid
to rest, have led me to only the best.
Just stay with me for as long as we continue
to exist, hold my hand so tight until
there’s a purple wrist.

i.c. // "Eleven Months"
can you tell us the story of you and your boyfriend, I tried looking for it but I couldn't find it

Sure, I will try to keep it as short as possible haha. Well basically he followed me one day on Instagram, I followed him back and didn’t think much of it. Until later on he commented on my pictures in a total nonceeeper way and there was just something about him tbh. I saw a picture of him and was like “oh god this guy is gonna be mine.” I seriously wanted to talk to him SO bad lol. So one day on Instagram it was super late at night and I had posted my kik (other guys messaged me but I ignored them because I just wanted miguel to.) I seriously lost hope until he finally messaged me and oh my god let me tell you how insanely happy I was. From that moment on we fell in love. We both agreed that the first conversation we had there was the mutual “this is the one.” We didn’t make it official until October 2nd and we started talking in July. So now today is our 11 months and we are going strong and in love more than ever. Despite the distance and everything, we both know it’s love. ❤️

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Would it be okay if I asked you something?

Of course. :)

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How can I forget someone that I really love?

You don’t really forget someone, you just simply stop thinking about them, and when they do cross your mind you feel nothing. My best advice is to cut this person out of your life COMPLETELY, as in no social medias, no texting, calling, hanging out, etc. also keep yourself busy, the less time you have to sit and think about them the less you will. You need to remember that with every heartbreak comes a lesson, and in the future you will actually find the person you’re suppose to be with. Stay strong lovely! Everything will be okay.

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I literally check your blog everyday. Usually more than once. Your poetry is the best and I think I want to get some of your words tattooed tbh.

Wow thank you so much this honestly is amazing. To think you’d want my words tattooed on you would make me die from happiness. :’)

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Hey Isabel, I just wanted to ask if you meeting your boyfriend for the first time is gonna be a permanent thing? Like is he just going to visit? I'm in a long distance relationship too, and my boyfriend is coming back in October but it'll only be for a while and it just sucks thinking about that lol.

Yeah he’s only visiting for a couple weeks this February, it really sucks it won’t be a one way ticket but we know it will in the future! I know long distance sucks butt. :( You should just continue to be so so happy your lover is coming to see you in a month! xo

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How old were you when you had your first love?

The first time I ever thought I was “in love” was when I was about 14. God, when I look back on it I was so so immature and naive, I didn’t even see that he treated me so horribly. I feel like first loves aren’t as great as people think they are. Now that I’m older, it doesn’t even compare to love I feel now from my boyfriend. I honestly think the last love you experience is the sweetest, deepest, most beautiful thing on earth.

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Just curious. Are u religious?

No, I don’t follow any religion, but I of course believe in a higher power (God) and everything. :)

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One hand on the blade,
the other on the pen.
This time I am not really
sure who will win.

I’ve written out
my demons to the point
where I can’t
believe they’re not dry.
I think it’s because they’re
born again every time I cry.

i.c. // “The same old battle”
This morning after I woke, I laid in bed and stared
at the ceiling for about thirty minutes, trying to
convince myself there was a reason to get up.
It was a fight, just to get my body to move,
because when my mind is going back and forth,
good vs bad, it almost paralyzes me. It’s like,
my whole body becomes numb and immune to
everything around me while inside my head there
is a war, a battle that I may never win. So I lay there,
almost lifeless as a dead body, “I have to get up.”
My body said yes, but my mind said no, slowly as
I could I got my feet on the floor but stared at the
wall some more. It took everything in me not to flop
back onto the pillow, only because the little voice
in my head was saying,
“there’s no use, why get up? This day is a waste,
your life is a waste.”
For a moment there, I almost let myself become
weightless and fall back into bed. Yet I knew
that’s what the demons wanted that haunt my head.
i.c. // accomplishments come in all sizes
(sometimes it’s just getting up in the
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